What we do

Our School-Business Model enables schools to provide a relevant and inspiring education, through enterprise, that empowers young people to succeed in work and life.

Teach A Man To Fish provides step-by-step guides, training, weekly support and peer networks for teacher and student school business teams to plan and run a school business.

We build the capacity of local partners and staff from the Ministry of Education to assist schools in their country to set up school businesses.

Sustainable Development Goals we are working towards:

Jorge's Story

Jorge learnt about growing vegetables organically in the San Francisco school business

Jorge is from rural Paraguay and grew up in a family with 19 children. The family live crammed together in a few rooms, every bed filled with several children. With only a small plot of land to farm, growing enough food for the family each day is an ongoing struggle.

Jorge took the huge step of moving away from his family home to attend the San Francisco Agricultural High School in Paraguay where the school businesses changed his life. Using the skills he learned, he set-up his own business selling organic vegetables which proved successful. His ambition, fostered by the school and the school business, also won him a scholarship from Universidad Nacional de AsunciĆ³n.

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